Didn’t know where to start…

It came to my realisation that, it doesn’t matter what, where or how you start, as long as you start. So… I made this account about a week ago but like many people I didn’t know where to start. So I thought I’d pick up my pen and start from here…

I’ve had a passion for makeup for as long as I remember. But never have I ever thought about expressing my reviews of makeup to a wide audience. I always thought it was a daunting experience, expressing my personal opinion to the world. Until recently, a random customer came into my work and basically inspired me to get myself out there as she complemented my makeup look and believed I could do it. This may sound cliche but she really did inspire me in the short time frame we shared. In light of her response, it gave me a little hope which is why I’m starting this new journey!

So a little about me… I did study makeup a couple of years back. It was called a Diploma of makeup or something. However, I didn’t get to sit my final exam because I had to go overseas with my family. So.. I’m not a makeup artist on paper but I have completed all my modules and assessment tasks along with my techniques 🙂 I also work part-time as a Cosmetician, the makeup course really did come in handy in the long run! And I’m studying a Bachelor of Media (Communications and Journalism).

Basically everything I enjoy come intertwined!

I hope to share makeup reviews (mainly from drug stores) on new, trendy and everyday wear.

Love Amna xx


7 thoughts on “Didn’t know where to start…

  1. I also study cosmetology in high school but never finished but I do want to go back and get my certificate. Makeup is everything which is why I also made a beauty blog to share what I know and maybe be an inspiration to someone to follow their dreams!! (: looking forward to your post and goof luck!

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