Your Perfect Canvas

Hi there,

Let me just start by saying that I was going through a crisis for the past week! I was breaking out and also had an ugly stye on my eyelid (disgusting, i know) which made me feel really ugly. So, I changed up my skin routine a bit and thought i’d show you guys ūüôā

My usual skin routine consists of Sukin and only Sukin. Because Sukin doesn’t contain any sort of harsh ingredients, it was impossible to treat my breakouts. I decided to branch out and use something with salicylic acid. I tried out the Acne-Stress Control Scrub by Neutrogena along with the facial cleansing brush.¬†At first, I was so scared to try this out because I thought I would breakout even more and my skin would become dry and scaly. It was nothing like that!

I usually use my bare hands to do facial scrubs and what not but I read a bit online about the benefits of a facial brush. It didn’t do me wrong! The facial cleansing brush was very soft on my skin and really dug into my pores.¬†Using the acne scrub with the facial brush made my face feel as fresh as minty. Literally! Both these items are under $10 each, so to treat your face demons with products under $10 is a bargain! Also, avoid using this product every day because an overuse of scrubs may cause aggregation to your skin which will cause breakouts.

I also decided to start using a pimple treatment – Benzac AC 5%. I didn’t go with the 2.5% only because I’m a really impatient person and I wanted my skin to clear as soon as possible. And it did exactly what I wanted!

This product is highly effective and actually reduces the size of the pimple on your face over night. The next morning my face looked really refreshing and clear, the pimple sizes were smaller (almost nothing on my face¬†anymore). But, the product does contain peroxide so it will eventually dry up the skin. For me, it didn’t dry my skin the day after. But because I consistently used the cream, every night for a week, it did eventually dry up my face. I simply used a normal moisturiser the next morning and it solved the problem. I would highly recommend this product for anyone with breakouts or acne and only apply a thin layer as the product is really strong.

I would really recommend both these products to anyone going through a breakout stage! It’s super effective and it works wonders, just don’t over use any of these products as it may aggregate your skin.

Happy scrubbing,

Love Amna xx


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