Hand Food Quickie

Hi everyone 🙂

I actually haven’t been posting for awhile. Well… I guess my last post was pretty recent but I decided to delete it because it just wasn’t up to my standards. Ha, I know that sounds ridiculous! (I bet you’re thinking.. what a perfectionist). I don’t know if any of you guys experience this but you just feel like your post isn’t right and you just don’t like it at all. So my last post doesn’t really count as a post. First world problem…

I’ve been caught up with life and doing ‘adult’ things in the last couple of weeks. But I’m back and found a little gift sent from above.

So I thought I’d make a quick review before I head out tonight.

Where I’m living, it’s actually winter. So, the minute you step foot outside your hands and face just become an iceberg. Literally! And I found a little goodie to conquer the dry ugly hand look that you may have. (If you’re living in winter conditions, you’ll know what I’m talking about).

HAND FOOD- with shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow. 

FullSizeRenderLet me tell you, this hand cream is AMAZING!! When you apply it, it doesn’t even feel like you have anything on your hands. So you can actually go about doing your norm. Unlike other hand creams where you can actually feel the thick layer of cream sitting on your hand that is trying to dry but not drying and it gets rubbed off anyway.

The scent is so nice, it actually smells like the ingredients. Yes, I can actually smell the marshmallows. Yum!!!!

The best part is, it’s only $6 and I purchased it from Mecca Cosmetics while I was waiting in line. Those little things besides and along registers really thrill me. It actually increases my bill by like… 20%?

It’s literally hand size and its portable anywhere and everywhere. I’m really keen on trying other product by this brand. Let me know what your views are on this product and/or company!

I hope you guys liked my little review,

Have a happy weekend 🙂

Love Amna xx


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