Hi everyone,

I never thought managing a personal blog would be so much work. It’s actually a very hard, time consuming and thoughtful process. And when I say thoughtful I mean, I literally have no idea what to blog about. I guess on a plus side I do work with cosmetics and it makes my life a little easier coming up with a topic or a product to review on. But it does get boring, so how do you do it? I’m actually juggling full time work, uni and managing to submit my assignments on time AND trying to think of some beauty reviews and tips to share with you all. ❤

I can safely say I’m flat out but I still want to deliver and share amazing stuff.

So, I come to you today to give me a little guidance. How do you come up with topics or an interesting brand/product/experience to blog about? Do you have any tricks and tips up your sleeve or do you simply blog about what’s hot and what’s not?

For me, when I think of blogging I don’t think of getting the most likes or comments. This page is merely for myself to share and express my thoughts on certain products and my personal review on them. It is a platform where i can control and contribute to a mass audience from across the globe. It is something that I really enjoy doing. I don’t plan on becoming a famous celebrity through this advanced technology, I just want to continue doing what I enjoy and hopefully inspire people from across the globe. It isn’t a taken for granted platform, it is a place to share, contribute and create.

I just thought I’d share my opinion on my views of blogging and how it impacted my life. I hope you guys can also help me come up with ideas, tips and tricks to creating a topic for my next blog post!

Happy blogging and sharing 🙂

Love Amna xx


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