Why not both?

Hey everyone,

I’ve finally jumped on the bandwagon and decided to post about the hottest topic…

Infallible 24 Matte (22 Radiant Beige) & True Match (Golden Beige).
Yes, the Loreal Infallible 24 matte foundation. I don’t really know where to start with this foundation as I’ve had my ups and downs.

The first time I wore this foundation (22 Radiant Beige), I wore it with the Infallible 24 matte primer. It was amazing and I was really happy. It made my face look fresh and flawless and the best part was, I didn’t even get oily. I’ve also tried the normal Infallible foundation and I just got super oily by noon. So… in this sense, it was an amazing matte set foundation that I could probably go swimming with without it washing off. (Might test that out actually, haha).

However, a day or maybe a few days later… I don’t actually remember but I did break out a fair bit. From my understanding, it was probably because the foundation was so thick and absorbed into my pores. Mind you, my nighttime skin routine is a ritual.

Due to this Holy Grail making my face look flawless I thought it would be nice to wear it out to dinner one night. I actually put on my normal moisturizer and primer then popped the shinning armor on top. The following day, my face was super dry and again I noticed tiny pimples formulating. Arghhh!!

Breaking out didn’t really bother me. Actually it did and I got really annoyed which is why I went back to using my day to day foundation True Match. 

The True match works really well for me. Although, compared to the Infallible it is no where near as matte. On the other hand it gives your face a nice summer glow. It does occasionally get oiler if you have an oily skin type. But for me blotting does the job and some hydrating mist 🙂

I worked out a little magic. Considering the Infallible drys out my skin but on the other hand is super matte (which is what I love) and the true match gives me a nice glow. I decided to actually apply a nice even layer of the true match foundation first THEN apply a layer of the Infallible foundation on top. So really, I achieved my perfect foundation look by mixing the Infallible and True Match together. Wow, I’m such a genius!!

I hope you guys enjoyed my foundation journey 🙂

Infallible 24 Matte:


  • Matte
  • Nice, thick texture
  • high coverage


  • may break out
  • may dry skin/ cause irritation

True Match


  • summer glow look
  • smooth texture
  • medium coverage


  • will get oily

What are all your thoughts on these products? I’m interested to know.

Amna xx


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