I’m back!!!!!

Hi dolls,

I know I’ve abandoned this for a little while… or you could say a LONG WHILE. I’m truly sorry. But, I’ve been flat out with assignments and work and I’m sure many of you know how overwhelming that can be especially during your finals. Ahhhh…

On the positive note, I’m finished with my finals and there’s nothing stressing me out anymore in order for me to have panic attacks. I can finally post 🙂 (yay)

So.. I’ve changed my skin routine a bit. I’m still a huge fan of Skin products but I feel like my skin has adapted to it. There’s actually a skin rule… you should change your skin routine every 6 months. I must say I’ve been using Skin for a very long time and my face is most likely used to the product which inevitably won’t be good if i’m trying to treat a specific issue on my face.

So… I’ve moved onto Model Co. At first I never really put much thought into their brand or company. I just thought it was more popular in their cosmetic department. It actually proved me wrong.

I purchased the Cream Cleanser only because my face was dry at that time and I wanted to refresh, cleanse and still give my face moisture. And it actually did tick all the boxes. It’s a lightweight formula leaving your skin feeling soft and refreshed.

I also tried their double sided facial wipes which I was also a huge fan of. I actually didn’t know this but the makeup wipe came with a soft side and on the reverse was a more so bumpy side. The bumpy side is actually (step 2) to exfoliate your face. I found that really clever because personally I’ve never used a wipe with 2 components.

I actually used the wipe to take off my makeup and it did the job. Everyone has lazy days and sometimes using a wipe will do the job. I just felt like the wipe didn’t remove all my makeup and there was still excess dirt and oil on my face which is why I still had to cleanse.

If you’re not wearing heavy makeup or already have taken off your makeup (and oil builds up), it will be a good wipe to gently hydrate your face 🙂

The packaging is simple and not something over the top. It’s affordable, you can purchase it online only for $15.00.

IMG_2382 copy

I hope you guys liked my short review on Model Co. If you’ve tried it let me know how you feel about it. And I won’t abandon this again. Promise!

Love Amna xx


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