A brighter smile – Review: Oral B 3D Whitestrips

Hi lovelies,

This is something I don’t really post about so I thought it would be nice to share my thoughts on something different.

I’ve been trying this new teeth whitening product – Oral B 3D Whitestrips. Ultimately I have been wanting to get my teeth whitened at the dentist for quite some time. But just the thought of paying a few hundred dollars kinda makes me want to try these supermarket products out.

Packaging claim:





Basically in order for any product to be effective you really need to be persistent. I admit, I wasn’t persistent at all because I’m just such a lazy human. Although, after using it after a couple of times I started to see some results. My teeth were a shade brighter/lighter which I was really happy about.

You must place these strips on your teeth TWICE A DAY for 3O MINUTES. One thing I found really annoying was the time frame. I found it incredibly hard to fit in 30 minutes in the morning or in the afternoon to place these strips on my teeth. Although, I did manage to slot this in while i paint my face in the mornings. After you take the strips off, you get this gluey feel in your mouth which you can get rid of by rinsing your mouth. Although you may not notice results the first time you use this, you’ll definitely notice results after a few days. So yes, essentially you do see results after 5 days. I believe this will be perfect before you go out to an event and you want your teeth to look sparkling.

I definitely don’t like the fact that i have to leave the strips on my teeth for 30 minutes. I would prefer something for 5-10 minutes as my mornings are quite busy and rushed. And I’m too exhausted to even bother with these at night. As it was my first time trying this supermarket teeth whitening product out, it was definitely a great product to start off with but I don’t think I’ll re purchase.

Have a lovely day

Love Amna xx


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