Chocolate lips – I actually used a brown eyeliner!!

Hi everyone,

I haven’t quite been active recently. This is because I’ve been moving houses and as you know when you move houses you don’t have internet for quite some time. So, I actually bought a temporary Wifi thing. It does the job and i can get my work done 🙂 other than that… I’m so excited to show you guys my new room and my room decorations.

The point of this post is the hot chocolate lip colour everyone has been rocking. I wanted to try it myself and it turned out OK.IMG_2868


My initial intention was to pick something off the shelf from Priceline that was a very intense brown lipliner. Unfortunately, everything I tried had a reddish tone and it wasn’t the colour I was after. I wanted something very coffee rich.

But the wonders of makeup is you can always use other products for different benefits. So I thought, I’ll just use a brown eyeliner as they are pigmented.

Im wearing:

Essence: long lasting eye pencil in 02 Hot Chocolate

Rimmel London: lasting finish by Kate lipstick (48).

I hope you guys like my post and there’s many more installed for 2016!


Love Amna xx


7 thoughts on “Chocolate lips – I actually used a brown eyeliner!!

      1. I think you’ll really like them. Stay tuned for my post on Shop Miss A. I recently bought 35 matte lipsticks from them I’ll be doing a 30 Shades of lipstick post once they arrive. Follow me on Instagram @myproductaddiction


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