Wake up flawless with Biore

Hi everyone,

Today I’m blogging about the most recent skin care products I’ve been using. You guys have probably already heard a lot about the product Biore but I’d like to share my personal thought.. so please keep reading 🙂

As you may know my all time favourite skin care products are Sukin. However, it is recommended that you change up your skin care products every 6 months. Let me tell you… it’s been a long time since I’ve changed things up.

Sorry about the photo lighting – it’s my bathroom light!!

I purchased: Deep pore charcoal cleanser, triple action toner and down the pore (pore strips).

Deep pore charcoal cleanser:

This product didn’t disappoint me. As I rubbed it in my face I actually felt the gel like cleanser dig deep into my pores, removing every little excess on my face. It makes your face feel extremely refreshed afterwards a bit like having a mint (which I don’t know if it’s a good thing).

I feel like it clears my face and removes the oil, dirt and excess build up throughout the day.

However, because I’ve always used Sukin and comparing this product to the Sukin facial cream cleanser it’s a bit too harsh on my face. The first few times i used it, my face became red afterwards. It cleared up over night.

If you have really sensitive skin, this product isn’t really recommended for you.

Triple action toner:

Moving on to the toner. It’s nothing I’m particularly crazy about maybe because it smells like alcohol. And I mean it feels like you’re drinking straight out of a Vodka bottle or something. However, obviously as it contains alcohol it reduces pimples and also excess dirt on your face.

Down to the pore: 

OK… I don’t know how I feel about these pore strips. The instructions state you must wet your nose and then stick the strip on and wait approximately 10-15 minutes. And I did exactly that. But.. I didn’t seem to see a difference the first time I used it. However, the second time it did remove a few black heads.

In conclusion, this product does do the job but it wouldn’t be something i’d re-purchase.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading my skin care post!

Amna x




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