Beauty Blogger Award

Hi everyone,

I was about to start this questionnaire that I was tagged in a few days ago but as I was in the midst of typing away my internet decided to play up. I ended up having no internet connection for several days.

But here I am attempting to answer these questions that Julz has tagged me in. Check her page out.. it’s so informative! I’ve never done anything like this before. So, please, bare with me while I try to do this the correct way. (Not sure if there is a correct way) Haha!


  • What is your go to lipstick?

My go to lipstick would probably be the colour drama by Maybelline in the shade ‘Nude Perfection.’ I feel like it can just go with any occasion and outfit!

  • Eyeliner preference: liquid, cream or gel (in a pot), pencil, or other?

Definitely liquid and a retractable pencil. (Yes, I’m extremely lazy and hate sharpening).

  • If you could eat anywhere or anything in the world and price were not a factor, where or what would it be?

I actually can’t answer this as I’m not a picky eater haha. I enjoy all types of foods at any cost!

  • What are a few things that you are grateful/thankful for in your life?

I’m very thankful for my upbringing. I believe without my parents and the way they raised me I wouldn’t be where I am today.

  • If the world was in post-apocalyptic mode what is the first thing you’d do to ensure your survival?

I don’t know to be honest. I guess.. I’ll drink heaps of water? Hahaha

  • What’s your favorite dessert?

I actually don’t have a sweet tooth. I would have a bit of something and get a sugar rush. Nevertheless, I really like a nice waffle or crepe 🙂 Don’t mind a Tiramisu either!

  • Where do you want to be living when you retire?

On an island away from society and humanity!

  • Were you a fan of the movie Labyrinth?

I had to google that one! So.. I guess I’m not quite a huge fan?

  • Tell us one beauty tip.

Vaseline is actually a life saver for myself personally. If I have dry spots on my face for some reason or even dry eyes I actually apply Vaseline before I go to bed. The dryness is moisturised the next day. Amazing!!!

  • Would you consider yourself OCD organized, organized chaos, or somewhere in the middle?

I would consider myself a bit of everything. I wouldn’t say I’m OCD organised and I wouldn’t say I’m disorganised. Though.. I’m a very indecisive person sometimes!

I hope everyone enjoyed my first Beauty blogger Questionnaire. Thank you Julz again for nominating me 🙂

Love Amna x



2 thoughts on “Beauty Blogger Award

  1. Waffles, Crepes, and Tiramisu, YUM! 🙂 I’m both surprised and not that there are a lot who haven’t seen the Labyrinth! It came out in the 80s, still one of my favorite childhood movies. Thanks for participating in this award!


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