My Knight In Shining Armour


Hi everyone,

I think by the title of my blog and by my photo you may already know what my blog post is going to be about today.

Yes! It’s my life savour, my holy grail and my 5 hours of sleep go-to product. I was actually shopping in Target, who doesn’t love Target? And I had to stop in the cosmetic department. It’s a must! I heard really great stuff about NYX but I never actually purchased anything. So I thought HEY WHY NOT? It was affordable and it didn’t hurt to add it to my basket. Haha, I should really stop saying ‘it doesn’t hurt’ when referencing makeup products.

I made the cut and purchased it. It’s probably the best thing that has ever happened to me. Personally, I have really dark under eyes even with 12 hours of sleep and an afternoon nap. A normal concealer doesn’t really do the job for me. Well, the concealers I have used at least. So I gave it a shot!

I applied the product after moisturising and priming my face as I thought it would be the most effective way. Then, I applied my foundation. It works! This actually works!

I thought it would’ve have an obvious line of where I applied the concealer but it didn’t. It looked like my eye area look flawless. (Have a look in my affectionate photo with the concealer :)).

It’s a very light weight product that applies easily and it would definitely be OK to apply it to uneven skin or hyperpigmentation.

Product: Concealer jar by NYX in orange 

Cost: $5

I hope you guys liked my rave about the magical orange concealer. Until next time…

Love Amna xx


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