Foundation that doesn’t budge!


Two posts in one day! Go me!

I haven’t been posting much about makeup lately due to my very busy schedule. Full time uni, two days of being an intern and 4 days in retail!

Though, I still managed to find some time to pop into the beauty store and pamper myself. What every girl needs!

The Stay All Day foundation by Stilla is actually amazing! I wore it all day and it didn’t budge what-so-ever!


  • stays on all day (after 8 hours it will start fading a little)
  • doesn’t make you oily
  • light weight formula
  • doesn’t look heavy
  • easily applied


  • a little hard to blend
  • looks dry in some areas of my face (only because some areas are dry)

It’s a little pricey and I definitely wouldn’t wear it everyday due to the cost of the foundation. Haha. It would more so be for an evening occasion or when you know you’re going to have a long day!

In the photo above I’m wearing shade #5 but I think it’s a bit too dark. I’m not sure, what are your opinions? Should I go a shade lighter? Help!

Till next time..

Love Amna xx




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