Overdue: Priceline 40% haul

Hi lovelies,

It’s been a much delayed post on my makeup segment of my blog. I’m sorry 😦 It’s a rough semester for me with work, uni and interning. But I’m fighting strong!

Nonetheless I did manage to splurge during the Priceline 40% Cosmetics sale a few weeks ago.

I tried to be creative with my layout (it looks some what very plain)

I haven’t tried half these things yet but here’s my review on the stuff I have tried! 🙂

Savvy Contour & Highlight: actually used this product before but I accidentally dropped it and everything shattered before my eyes. It’s the best simple, everyday, go-to contour. The pigment of the contour is not as pigmented though, but that’s okay, that’s why it’s my everyday go to!

Rimmel gel eye-liner: Fact – I’ve never ever tried a gel eye liner before. My first time trying this and it just glides on! Super smooth! Also, not as dark and rich as the Rimmel liquid eyeliner. Although, I’m not a big fan of the brush as it gets super hard after one use!

Essence I Love Extreme Mascara: A lot of people have told me Essence mascaras were the best thing on the Priceline market. I never got the chance to get my hands on them. But let me tell you, it was the best decision of my life! Screw the high end $50 mascara’s this is highlight of my mascara journey. (I’ll post a before and after shot soon!)

Models Prefer Mineral Powder (soft touch): A very subtle shimmer – perfect for an everyday wear!

That’s all I’ve tried thus far lovelies. Let me know your experiences and what you bought!

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Amna xx


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