Surviving Winter with Vaseline!

Hi beauties,

My intention for this blog post is to showcase what saves my skin during winter!

I don’t know about you but because it’s winter where I’m living at the moment I tend to get dry patches on my face. It’s usually just a dry patch along my chin and if i don’t treat it, it gets really flaky. Gross right! I’m assuming the dry climate condition is the cause to this issue. I never really looked into the root of this issue but I did find a solution to this DRY problem!

Vaseline – Petroleum Jelly 


One of the best products on the market!

Usually when I remove my makeup and finish my skin care routine I notice a few dry spots. I’ll simply rub some Vaseline on the dry spot and the next morning it’s as moisturised as ever. Amazing!

It has multi-purposes: 

  • I use it on my eyelids when they feel dry
  • As a lip balm
  • Night moisturiser
  • Can even be used on lashes (it gives some volume.. this may be weird to some of you)
  • Body – if you have dryness
  • It’s also suitable for people with Eczema. It obviously won’t cure the eczema but it will help with the dry/flakyness.

Vaseline if my solution to surviving a dry winter. What’s yours?


Thanks for reading. Amna x







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