The best cleanser ever

Hey beauties,

I haven’t posted anything beauty related recently but behind the scenes I’ve been trying to get the best skin care routine possible.

Although, drinking heaps and heaps of water is almost crucial to keeping a healthy glowing skin!

With unusual and inconsistent working hours my face is incredibly horrible. Breaking out and dry patches. It’s the epitome of a first world problem! And let’s be honest, I’m usually so drained I just use a makeup wipe to remove my makeup. So bad (I know, i know!)

The Eve Lom Cream cleanser certainly didn’t disappoint! It’s a big thumbs up from me. I can understand why it’s the best cleanser in Mecca Maxima AND Vogue UK has described it as, “probably the best cleanser in the world.”


How to: 

  1. I usually remove my eye makeup with a pad (if I’m wearing liquid eye liner). I find that the cleanser doesn’t really remove eye makeup, more so foundation.
  2. Spread the product evenly around your face and massage all over
  3. You’ll notice your makeup almost melting. This is completely normal, it isn’t supposed to remove it completely at this stage.
  4. The muslin cloth is the most amazing part. Wet the cloth in warm water and gently remove makeup.
  5. After removing your makeup, rinse the residue off. (I had a panic attack the first time rinsing as I thought the cloth wouldn’t wash the foundation off. But it did, it’s magic!!!)

It seems as though I should’ve known that a cream cleanser should be massaged onto makeup. Although, I really didn’t and was informed by a work associate. Call me an amateur beauty blogger. Whatever, I’ll take it!

Although we all may get really lazy at times and would much rather grab a makeup wipe and head to bed. I’d really suggest getting into a routine of a great skin care package. I must admit though, I’m guilty of grabbing makeup wipes!

Love your amateur beauty blogger, 

Amna Yang xx







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