Appreciation Post

Hello beauties,

I would like to start my post by thanking everyone who has viewed and followed my blog during my absence.

It really, truly means a lot when I’m either working or in the middle of doing something and I get a notification about my blog. It’s something special. So, thank you. 🙂

So after being away for months I’m back better than ever. I actually have a really poor excuse of why I’ve been M.I.A. Typically due to being an adult.

If anyone has been following my posts I recently got a full-time job straight after finishing my university degree. Kinda jumped into the deep end and skipped the cliche travelling and partying episode. I’m also committed to extra-cirriculm activities on my days of to further my journalistic skills. On top of that trying to maintain relationships and a social life. Jeez I actually got tired from typing that.

Nonetheless, I promise to keep my page as active as possible for all my readers.

I’m going to go back into my routine of posting regularly on makeup reviews, tips, tricks and perhaps even looks.

Thanks for reading loves.

P.s. the photo has nothing to do with my post what so ever. Just thought it would fall into the topic. It was a cafe I went to recently and the photo is their walk in theme/layout. It’s so beautiful.

Amna xx




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