My Favourite Face Combination

Like usual it’s so hard to think of a topic or just a starting point when you’re producing a post. So.. I started with the foundation.

Let’s start this post by acknowledging how amazing the Nars Sheer Glow foundation is. It’s definitely a first world problem when you have to mix two foundations together to get a perfect match. Personally,the Nars is perfect all found. Colour wise, texture and longevity. I wear Fiji 🙂


Now, the Nars Radiant Creamy concealer literally goes hand in hand with the foundation. I feel like it just sits right, doesn’t budge and it’s a perfect blend. Don’t get me wrong it also works perfectly by itself. It’s thick in consistency and definitely hides those sleepless nights.

And if you guys want that extra dewy look I usually add a drop of Sukin BioNatural oil to my beauty blender and just dap it across my face evenly. The Nars foundation is already dewy itself but can also dry matte. So if want that extra dewy look I usually just add some oil.

This is almost my everyday face wear. I hope this gave you an insight on the Nars range in case you were hesitant on purchasing. Usually at your local Mecca store they’ll provide a free sample before you buy products.

So check it out and have a fabulous weekend xx




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