Peel it all off

Hi beauties,

I hope you’re all well after this festive season. For many, the festivities continue till the end of the month. But hey you guys are the more fortunate ones in life.

You might’ve heard about this beauty product. Or you may be a high end snob like me. (only when my bank account allows me too.) But this beauty product is the beauty product.

I saw this product on The MakeUp Social countless times. It was in demand and probably still is. Every time I visited Daiso it was sold out. But to my luck, the little that I have I found it. It was in stock, in fact stocked up.

So right now I have the blackhead peel off charcoal mask on (image below) and by the end of this post I’d like to show you the excess baggage it has taken off my nose.


I purchased this from Daiso. I can’t find the product on their site but if you head into their store it’s in the beauty aisle. Easy peasy! If you can’t find it it’s most likely sold out!

The best part is that it’s only $2.80.

It’s so simple. What I do is simply apply a thin layer on my nose and cheeks – only if you have pores and wait for it to dry.

Then, the fun part is yet to come.

Peeling it all off..

Disclaimer: this photo is raw. The excess white/black heads the mask removed are the white little dots on the mask.
Sorry for the disturbing and gross photos.

I hope you found this entertaining and helpful. If you’re after a cheap black head mask.. look no further.

I’ve also decided to make an Instagram account solely for this page. My personal account will be left personal🙂

Have a lovely day.

Love Amna xx


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