2017 Goal – Perfect the Wing

Hello beautiful people,

Recently, I went on a mini shopping spree on BeautyLish. It was one of those situations where I missed a post Christmas sale and I just had to treat myself.

My purchases definitely didn’t disappoint.

I bought several items but my two favourite purchases were the Ingot gel eyeliner and the Sugarpill precision eyeliner brush which this post is going to be all about.

I’ve heard so many good reviews on the Ingot gel eyeliner and I finally got my hands on them. It’s actually impeccable.

I personally find gel eyeliners easier to apply with compared to liquid eyeliners. As the gel texture is soft and it almost glides on when you’re applying.

Comparing this to a liquid eyeliner, it’s usually dried out, clumpy or the brush has frizzled on you.

Nonetheless, it also depends on the brush you’re applying it with. It’s like two peas in a pod – it has to go hand in hand.

I wasn’t initially going to purchase the Sugarpill but I made the best decision by doing so. I think I was more so convinced on the reviews and wanted to test it out for myself.

It’s actually HOLY GRAIL!!!!!

I mean, it’s literally a generic eyeliner brush I don’t really know what the difference is. But oh my goodness it does the job.

The brush (hence precision brush) is so fine that your winged eyeliner turns out flawless. Yes, just like those Instagram makeup posts. Where you’re scratching your head wondering how they got their eyeliner so perfect? I think they used the Sugarpill precision brush.

Here are some photos of how my wing turned out…

It may look like a simple wing but considering I have small eyes it’s quiet thick and dramatic (haha). 



The Sugarpill brush is definitely a brush that can work all kinds of winged styles. From the thinest line to the most dramatic look. It’s definitely an all rounder.

What’s your 2017 goal? Is it to perfect the wing like me?

Do you prefer gel or liquid liners? Do you have your personal holy grail brush? I’m keen to know! 🙂

Love Amna xx



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