INSTANT purification with L’oréal Pure Clay mask

Hey beauties,

My blog post today will be about the product that everyone has been talking about. Every beauty blogger, makeup artist and maybe even your nan. You name it! Everyone knows L’oréal launched a face mask line.

I was sucked in and I waltzed into Priceline to purchase my own. I wanted to see what the hype was all about.

I purchased the green bottle. It’s called the Purifying & Mattifying Eucalyptus Mask 50mL  priced at $19.99. The mask claims that it should deeply cleanse and metrify the texture of your skin. It also states that your skin should feel fresh, clean and purified INSTANTLY. 

I probably only used this product once or twice. The mask itself has a very thick and muddy texture. I applied an even layer over my face and waited for it to dry. I waited a good 10-15 minutes I would say before it was completely dry. But boy was it dry. I felt like the mask sucked the living daylight out of my face. I mean it was totally bearable. Just exaggerated a little bit.

Just applied a thin layer of the mask. 
Waiting for the mask to dry. The dried section is darker in colour 🙂 

Nonetheless, it was time to wash it off. It took a while to wash off as it was very thick. I must admit my face did certainly feel fresh, clean and purified just after one use. I wouldn’t recommend using this on a daily basis. Perhaps, only once a week or even once a fortnight if you have sensitive skin.

A face mask will definitely improve your skin. But, the most important element is drinking plenty of water. Sometimes I drink so much water I actually feel like a water balloon. It’s so important to keep your body hydrated and you’ll definitely see the changes to your skin as well.

Stay hydrated beauties!

Love Amna xx




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