Keeping it Sheike

Hello beauties,

Just your amateur beauty blogger wanna be fashion blogger here.

So, I want to show you guys what I wore to a wedding last weekend. I never ever in my dreams even thought about wearing this particular colour. But I took a leap of faith and clicked checkout and it arrived at my doorstep the next morning.

I was still a little hesitant after trying it on first thing in the morning just before I had to leave for work. I just thought it is what it is and moved on with my day.

I wouldn’t know how to describe my everyday style. But let’s say I’m always in block colours. I wouldn’t even call it colours it’s just neutral tones. So yes, I’m a very neutral girl and from memory I even posted a neutral makeup look a while ago.

This is probably the first time I ever wore a colour outside of my comfort zone. Though, the style of the dress is more me – sheike!

Girls, if you’re stuck in a bubble like me and only go for certain styles and colours let me tell you it’s okay to break out of your comfort zone.

Here are some pics of my dress..



Until next time,

Amna xx


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