Learn, grow and inspire

“If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!” – Unknown


This quote has inspired me to have a ‘can do’ attitude no matter what life offers.

I’ve decided to start a Lifestyle and Health section on my page. It’s something I’ve been trying to implement in my life recently.

Why lifestyle and health?

Well.. I was moved to do overnight shifts. Obviously for someone that has only just started in the industry I agreed and jumped on board.

Overnight shifts has been the most challenging period of my career so far. I’ve had early starts and late finishes before but never an overnight shift. It’s definitely challenging physically and mentally. The worst part – I was suffering from insomnia. It was a nightmare but I managed to pull through by eating well and exercising.

I snacked throughout the night on nuts and had plenty of water. I stayed away from energy drinks as it only tires me out after a few hours. I would have a salad (with protein) if I was feeling hungry. I ate breakfast at a normal breakfast time because I didn’t want to put my body out of whack. I know some that have pasta at 6am.. it’s weird. I couldn’t do that. Walking also helped me unwind and tired my body out (sometimes). If any of you legends have advice, comment below! 🙂

Go go go!! Fast paced and stressful are the two best words to describe the environment I work in. If anyone can relate and feels like they need a glass of wine after every shift – feel free to hit me up. We’ll destress one another!

The best way to not let work affect you is to disconnect. By disconnect I mean don’t attach any emotional feelings. Once your shift ends don’t dwell on what happened at work. Enjoy your “off” time. Always have a position mindset. Learn, grow and inspire as you go.

For all these reasons I’m now including lifestyle and health in my blog. I’m excited and interested to see how it will go.

P.s – It’s my birthday week so I think it’s perfectly acceptable to cheat a little.

Watch this space for upcoming lifestyle posts!

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