Good to Glow with Rimmel

Who else struggles to find perfect lighting when it’s a gloomy day? 

I really tried to emphasise the glow in my shot despite it being such a gloomy, ugly… I just want to crawl into bed kind of day. Nonetheless iPhoto helped me out – giving my shot a bit of a glow.

I saw the hype online about these products and I had to give it a glow.

The Good to Glow highlighter is probably the most pigmented drug store highlighter I’ve ever used which I only picked up for around $6. I usually apply it after I apply my foundation/concealer etc. Although, I left it on my face for about 5 minutes once as I was too distracted by something on my phone. When I came to blend it in… it dried out on my face. So I was left with little glowing dots around my face. So, blend it into your foundation as soon as it hits your face.

It’s perfect as an everyday highlighter. It’s pigmented enough to wear out on a Friday night. I tend to apply a powder form on top if I want that extra glow. I also mix this in with my primer. It gives my face a bit of a shimmer and glow – it’s not over the top glittery at all.


#Insta Fix & Go is another amazing product. I use it as a primer and as a setting spray. It works well both ways. The spray itself isn’t runny/watery at all. The texture is almost like hairspray – it just locks everything in. It’s also very fast drying so you don’t need to sit around. I literally #fix & go. I love how much the title reflects to the product itself. Well done Rimmel London. I love the marketing on this product. It’s definitely worth the buy and it also saves time!

The Wake Me Up concealer isn’t the worst or best concealer I’ve used. It’s definitely not as thick and pigmented as I expected it to be. I wear this to work and when I’m going to run some errands. It absorbs into my skin and it’s very hydrating. I purchased this in two shade (Classic Ivory (010) and Classic Beige (030)). For me classic ivory was a bit too pinky but classic beige was too dark. So mixing them together works really well for me.

Classic Ivory on top – Classic Beige on bottom

Overall I’m so pleased with the Rimmel London products. I wear these products to work all the time. It’s cheap, affordable and makes my face look flawless.

Leave your thoughts in the comment below. Let me know if you liked or disliked these products?

Happy Friday and happy glowing!

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 5.38.36 PM

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