This saved my life – literally

Mario Badescu – drying lotion saved my life… I would’ve had a massive pimple on my forehead for my birthday.

I heard amazing reviews about this product. I mean Kylie Jenner uses it so it must be amazing! I never had the urge to purchase it because I don’t usually get massive pimples. I usually get tiny ones which I believe I can get rid of with a scrub or a face wash.

Nonetheless I had to buy this a few days before my birthday. You know when you can just feel a massive something coming along on your face. Well.. yes… I felt a massive something coming along. And how good is it when it also has the perfect timing… a few days before my birthday. I could almost predict that it would look massive on my birthday which was two days away.

It’s my worst nightmare but thankfully it didn’t come true. I bought the drying lotion and it saved me from having a massive dot in the middle of my face.

I dip a cotton tip in the bottle. I make sure it gets some of the pink sediment which is at the bottom of the bottle. As you take the cotton tip out of the bottle it’ll also absorb into the lotion as well. Then I cover a thick layer… I mean dab a thin layer on my pimple. I left it over night as it’ll penetrate into the pimple.


If you want your pimples gone fast. This really works. For myself, my massive pimple reduced in size over night. I mean it’s obviously not going to be silky smooth the next morning. It’s the closest thing I got to ‘instantly’ removing a pimple. It not only reduced the size of my pimple but it also reduced the redness. My pimple was actually at the stage where it had a yellow dot. Yes, it was ready to burst. The yellowness also disappeared overnight.

It didn’t leave my skin dry either. I think the main reason is because it’s only supposed to go on the pimple itself. My skin felt normal after washing it off the next morning.

So if this lotion isn’t my life saver I really don’t know what is. I would recommend this to anyone that breaks out. Especially if it’s smaller pimples and nothing too serve. I’m not too sure if it’ll be suitable for someone that suffers from acne.


I’m sure many of you have tried this little bottle of magic. Let me know your thoughts in the comment below!

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 5.38.36 PM



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