My eyelash extension addiction – the do’s and don’t’s

Saves time but also the most high maintenance addiction you’ll ever encounter. 

I’ve been getting eyelash extensions for some time now. I decided to get eyelash extensions purely because I have short lashes and also because it saves A LOT of time getting ready. It makes me look half awake when I only have half the amount of makeup on.

It’s extremely high maintenance. I mean once you get a full set you’ll have to regularly go back and get infills. I personally need to get infills every 2-3 weeks which is a standard period of time.

My blog post will be about how to maintain eyelash extensions from my personal experience.

One really bad habit will be constantly touching your falsies. It’s a different feeling when you first get them. It’ll probably be hard to adjust too. But after a few days or even a few weeks it’ll feel like it’s your natural lashes again. When you fiddle with your falsies it won’t last as long so try avoid touching your falsies!

Don’t ever ever use mascara on eyelash extensions. It’ll clump up and it’s also really hard to remove. It’ll most likely pull out the eyelash extensions. I learn’t this the hard way. I applied mascara and couldn’t remove it from my extensions. It also pulled out my extensions which wasn’t too pleasing. I now only apply mascara on my bottom lashes.

P1020040A good way to remove makeup around the eye area would be using a cotton tip. I find I always have makeup around my eye area even after removing it with a cotton pad. So, I dip my cotton tip in my makeup remover and remove the left over makeup. Try to avoid going over your eye with the makeup pad as you’ll only get cotton stuck in your lashes and pull many out.

I always brush my falsies. This is a good way to keep them lasting longer. Brushing them separates the falsies which doesn’t allow clumping. It’s also very hygienic as it’s hard to clean the eye area. I brush them twice a day with a mascara brush.

I also clean my lashes by spraying thermal spray on a mascara brush and gently brushing over my false lashes. I find this the most convenient and efficient way to clean my eyelash extensions.

Overall, even though it’s very high maintenance I love my eyelash extensions. I’ve been getting them for a year now. It’s like a bad addiction. I decided to remove them once and my eyes just felt really naked.

If you have similar or different experiences – leave your comments below! Or if you’re new ask away for advice, tips and tricks 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 5.38.36 PM



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