Forgotten makeup favourites

With an ever growing makeup collection it can be easy to forget what was once loved. I went through my old beauty bag and came across some of my old school favourites that has been forgotten. I’m shedding some love to five beauty products that I once loved but neglected.

Nars Contour Duo: 

Before the contour phenomenon started there wasn’t many contouring products to choose from. Unlike today I have so many options, way and techniques to define the face. The Nars contour duo was my first ‘expensive’ contour purchase and I was in love with it for a very long time. Until it was replaced by the many, many contour sticks that I now own. It’s a very pigmented powder which really defines and structures the face. I loved this product for so long that it was everyones ‘go to purchase’ for me. I think the Australis AC ON TOUR would be an inexpensive dupe which I turned to later on. I’ve missed this product a lot and I’m going to wear it today – really glad I found it!


Maybelline Colossal mascara: 

This mascara takes me back memory lane. It was one of my first ever makeup purchases  when I started experimenting with makeup. The best part of this range is there’s an endless Colossal selection – you can never go wrong with a Colossal mascara. It would still be one of my beauty favourites if I didn’t have eyelash extensions. It defines and volumizes lashes to the extreme. Who else loves this product?


Maybelline master precise eyeliner and Max Factor waterproof eyeliner:

From memory the Maybelline eyeliner came out around 2 years ago. I purchased the product as a cheap everyday alternative. It had it’s pros and cons but it was definitely something I restocked over and over again. It ran out quiet quick but boy was it pigmented and precise on that wing!

The Max Factor eyeliner is something I adored and cherished. This eyeliner was my holy grail. I remember balling my eyes out and my eyeliner didn’t smudge at all. It’s defiantly one of my forgotten beauty favourites.


Maybelline Age rewind concealer:

I admit I used way too much product when it came to the age rewind concealer. So, because it wasn’t a very highly pigmented concealer I would always over indulge. Yes, I know it’s such a bad habit but it seemed to work for me. It was my everyday concealer for quiet some time. It’s hydrating, brightens the eye area and glowing.


I’m very interested to know what your forgotten makeup favourites are? Comment below! 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 5.38.36 PM

15 thoughts on “Forgotten makeup favourites

  1. I used to love the original maybelline colossal mascara, my choice now is the lash sensational mascara! You’ve just prompted me to go find the original and give it another go. The newest one (big shot) just does not quite hit the mark for me though! I’m really enjoying your blog x

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