June 2017 favourites

Hello my fellow beauty bloggers,

My post today will be.. well the headline says it all. Yes, June 2017 favourites. It’s my first time blogging about my monthly favourites. Mainly because I either have one too many favourites or on the flip side I didn’t have any. Who else can relate? Nonetheless, I hope you beauties enjoy and share the love around.

#1 favourite – Too faced ‘Born This Way’ foundation

I’ve heard many mixed reviews about this particular foundation. So I decided to grab a sample first before I bought the product. Mecca Maxima are amazing – they colour match you and even give you a sample. So, if you’re contemplating on a foundation go and grab a sample!! It’ll save you a love of money.  The product didn’t do me wrong. I love everything about it. It contains coconut water, alpine rose and hyaluronic acid. Which means it replenishes, nourishes and brightens your skins appearance. It certainly ticked all the boxes for me. It’s also extremely light weight and hydrating. I would personally wear this any season of the year. It’s winter here in Australia and it’s still perfectly fine. In fact, it even gives my face the extra hydration through the dry winter spell.

It’s a light – medium coverage foundation. Although once you apply it – it may appear as a light coverage foundation. Not to worry though it’s so easy to build. Even with a heavier look it doesn’t appear to be “cakey” at all. It finishes with a semi dewy/ matte look.

#2 favourite – Sephora Collection ‘high coverage concealer’ 

This is the definition of an amazing, affordable and long lasting concealer. The name says it all. I’m actually scared to over use this concealer because a little goes a long way. I usually mix it with another concealer to even out the consistency.

#3 favourite – Rimmel – Fix & Go spray

If you haven’t already go and check out my post on my Rimmel favourites.

I use this as a primer and setting spray. It keeps my makeup together all day along. I was at flip out last night – jumping and flipping out and broke a sweat. Best part was my makeup didn’t even budge. Definitely recommend!

#4 Mario Badescu – Rose hip nourishing oil

I recently had dry skin on my forehead. Mainly because it’s winter in Australia right now and getting dry skin is inevitable. The wind is sharp and crisp which is so important to moisturise regularly.  I used the oil on my affected area at night and I kid you not by the next morning it was smooth and replenished. I was so so amazed. I now use it as a night time serum for my face.

I’m keen to know what everyone is loving at the moment x 

P.s I recently created a Twitter  account for Perfect Canvas. Would really appreciate it if you guys could share the love and give me a follow. 

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