What’s inside my makeup bag

I’ve always been a curious cat when it comes to what’s inside someone’s makeup bag. I feel like it’s like getting inside one’s little world. It’s so fascinating. My makeup bag is pretty simple. I don’t carry around plenty of products and most of them are miniature.

For an oily/ combination girl like me – it’s always essential to carry around blotting paper. The NYX green tea blotting paper is my everyday essential. The green tea essence just makes my face refreshed and replenished. It removes shine but doesn’t remove any makeup at all.

Makeup wise.. Let’s start with the Smashbox step-by-step Contour Kit. I definitely feel like it’s the perfect sized palette to carry around in my handbag. I’m always using it to touch up my contour before or after work. Or to define my checks if I’m heading out after work. Hence why I’ve used it all up. What does everyone else use as an everyday/ makeup bag essential contour?

I also carry around a few concealers. The Thin Lizzy Concealer is one of my all time favourites. It’s pigmented and can go over anything. I’m always using this concealer to touch up my face. In fact I also use it to hide any dark spots on my body. NYX sculpt and highlight face duo is my on-the-go alternative concealer. The concealer is the perfect yellow base and the contour is the perfect chocolate tone. Admittedly, I use the highlight more than the sculpt.

Too faced Better Than Sex mascara is the talk around the beauty community. Almost everyone has tried it. I have eyelash extension so I can’t apply mascara to my top lashes. But the miniature size is the perfect pocket rocket for my bottom lashes. Fits so well around the corner of my eyes.

Another product by Too Faced is the Melted Long Wear lipstick in Chihuahua. It’s a beautiful shade of a rosé pink. I use it to give my makeup look a bit of colour if I’m feeling boring. It’s always in my makeup bag in case I’m having a dull makeup day.

Barely there liners by Carefree are every woman’s necessity. Just like the name suggests it’s actually barely there. I’ve worn these liners with white pants, dresses, skirts and it’s no where to be seen.

My all time favourite fragrance – Miss Dior Eau De Perfum. It’s a mixture of musky, sweet and rich essence and it’s the perfect little touch up fragrance.

That concludes my blog post on what’s in my makeup bag. I’m keen know what’s in everyones makeup bag too. Throw links and comments below! 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 5.38.36 PM






3 thoughts on “What’s inside my makeup bag

  1. Love this post! I’m really curious to try the NYX blotting paper now! How do you find your Too Faced melted lipstick? I bought the shade Berry a couple of years ago and find that it almost just slips off my lips?


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