Best & worst drug store concealers


Welcome back beauties 🙂

I must admit… I’m a makeup hoarder. There, I said it loud and clear. It’s also clearly written on my blog now. I tend to go through phases of loving products then forgetting they ever existed. It’s such a bad habit and a complete waste of my hard earned cash as the products are usually half full.

On the positive side – throughout my hoarding process I have come across a few drug store concealers that I love.

Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer (Ivory):

This is one of my most recent drug store purchases and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Pictured Ivory shade – as you can tell has a pink/peach undertone. I don’t really prefer a peachy undertone so I always mix it with the Classic Beige which has more of a yellow base.

It’s not ideally a highly pigmented concealer but it’s certainly hydrating, affordable and brightening. I used this just as a concealer alone and it didn’t cover quiet well. This may also be because I have very dark circles under my eyes. If you’re someone that doesn’t have darkness I believe using it as a concealer would be so fine!

I used it as a brightener and it’s a YES from me. Very hydrating and moisturising. It dries with a glow – not leaving my skin looking matte and dry. Once set with a powder there’s also no visible creases. I’ve literally been wearing this concealer everyday as it gives my face that natural glow. It’s also not a fortune to restock on 😉

Recommend: 8/10

Maybelline Fit Me concealer (light): 

Now this is a product I’ve hoarded for some time. It was the talk around town when it first launched. The shelves were always empty during a massive makeup sale (every #makeupjunkies first world problem – I know!) and every makeup artist and blogger were reviewing it. Personally, I found it over rated.

The light shade has a similar warm peach undertone just like the Rimmel.

It’s a lightweight concealer which is again great for everyday usage. I usually use it when I’m going for a very natural look, out running errands or if I want a no-makeup makeup day.

The down side for me is the runny/watery texture of the product. Hence why I only use it when I’m going for a natural no-makeup look. Although, I do use the shade Cafe to contour my face and it has been my holy grail for years!

Recommendation: 6.5/10


Bourjois – Healthy Mix concealer (light):

This concealer has the perfect yellow undertone which is why I love it so much. I’m sure many of you can agree that it’s so damn hard to come across a concealer with the perfect undertone. I’m always mixing and adding different things to get the right shade.

The healthy mix concealer is very pigmented. I only used approximately a 1mm dot and it covered one side of my under eye. A little goes a long way with this product. A very moisturising concealer that contains vitamins to hide dark circles and puffiness.

I really fancied this product for quiet some time. I do wish that the packaging wasn’t so tiny. I mean, yes, a little goes a long way but it also runs out so fast!

Side note, I’m not a big fan of a tube product. I would definitely prefer applying it with an applicator that it comes with like the other concealers.

Recommendation: 8/10

Models Prefer Argan Infusion concealer (light):

Argan oil helps replenish dry skin along with scaring. Ideally it’ll be suitable for someone with frequent break outs.

I remember when I first used this product. I was so impressed. In terms of coverage and consistency this concealer did it all for me! It’s creamy, radiant and glows.

I’m a big fan of the Models Prefer range. The finishing powder is another one of my go-to products. It’s probably my favourite drug store setting powder – enhancing a natural and shimmery finish.

Recommendation: 8/10

Maybelline Instant Age rewind concealer (light):

Another one that I would wear on a daily basis for a natural look. One of my favourite features of this product is the foam sponge. It’s so soft and applies without any harsh lines. One the down side it did run out a bit too fast for me.

It does cover dark circles to a certain extent. I must admit I would over apply as it’s a thin spread. (And probably why it ran out really fast). As you can see it’s barely visible in the picture above.

Recommendation: 6/10

Note: all opinions are my own and are not endorsed.

What are your favourite drug store concealers? 

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11 thoughts on “Best & worst drug store concealers

  1. Thanks for sharing. Bourjois is my all time favourite concealer and foundation. They have swapped the packaging now for the concealer but I actually preferred the tube. I feel like you used to get more out of it that you now do. X

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