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Recently I won the #LRPLOVE competition on Instagram. I was so shocked, surprised and blown out of mind. I’ve never won anything before and I won something. Can you believe it? I celebrated for days. Just kidding – I didn’t. Ha

I’ve been a huge fan of their thermal spring water for so long. It was my saviour in Summer. It was my holy grail. With a full face of makeup on during a 40 degree day, running around like a headless chook, this water saved me. Refreshing and also kept my makeup in place. Mind you, I’m also an eczema sufferer. I have been since birth and I will be for the rest of my life. It’s inevitable. I started to get eczema on my neck and with one spray – it instantly reduced the itchiness. Instant relief! It’s a great summer essential and I would really recommend it for anyone with sensitive, irritable and dermatological skin conditions.

The micellar water is what scored me this beautiful skincare pack. To be quiet frank I picked this little gem up while I was in Priceline as it was on sale. I used it that night and I was instantly impressed. Being the beauty blogger I am I snapped it and posted it on my Insta. Little did I know La Roche-Posay was having a competition so I #LRPLOVE. Didn’t expect anything of it to be honest. Just thought my post would be hidden within the thousands of other contestants. (Photo below)


Compared to any other micellar water – this product is really concentrated. I used a drop or two on a cotton pad and removed my makeup. I instantly felt so refreshed and it removed every ounce of my makeup. And how can I prove it? I have white bed sheets and there wasn’t any traces of makeup stains at all! It didn’t leave my skin feeling dry or irritable – in fact my face feels much more hydrated since using this product.

All the moisturises that are pictured are lightweight and hydrating. I didn’t even feel like my face was moisturised even though it was. I can’t stand creams that are gluggy and stick to my face. It’s irritating and I’d rather not even moisturise.

I did have a little dilemma with the packaging of the Toleriane moisturisers. I didn’t know whether to open the top off or just pump the liquid out. I mean I was pumping but nothing came out. I somehow ripped the cap off and figured it out. It was honestly a fluke though. And after all that there were instructions on the side of the box. From my understanding you’re supposed to push the back of the cap? I still don’t know and I couldn’t give you an explanation but just follow the instructions 🙂

The overnight moisturiser really saved my dry and flaky skin. I usually suffer from dryness throughout Winter mainly because of the harsh and cold weather. But I noticed a huge difference the next morning. No more dry skin! It made my makeup application look so much better as well.

I also can’t wait to use the XL Ultra Light SPF50+ during Summer. The texture is lightweight just like the other moisturisers. And I think it’s the perfect sunscreen for Summer or any day to be honest. The best part being – it’s not thick or gluggy. The last thing I want is my face to feeling sticky during Summer.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. What are some of your favourite La-Roche Posay products? Comments below!

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 5.38.36 PM

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