How I survived not spending for a month

When being an adult hits you at the age 22 you have no choice but to budget and limit yourself from splurging. Its been a month since I bought my self a piece of clothing or a makeup product. And it been the toughest yet most satisfying feeling.

This is how I achieved it:

1. Stay clear from online shopping sites 

Oh boy was this tough. I mean we live in a world so heavily influenced and driven by technology. It must be impossible to stay away, right? By simply favouriting a few items leads to the pair of heels you've been wanting for so long staring at you on the side of your screen. It seems to just follow you every time you're online. Like, go away please!

Want to know how I defeated the power of technology? I simply ignored. Yes, it was extremely tough. Especially when you get the email reminding you that you still have items in your basket or a huge sale is coming up. It killed me inside. But, by defeating these companies and challenging yourself to sticking to your plan actually makes you feel 100x better. It builds your will power so the next time you get an email or notification it will only get easier to ignore. 

Delete the app or turn off the notifications. I personally didn't do this. I just played the ignoring game. But if you feel like ignoring is too hard just unsubscribe or turn off your notifications. Once you're off your budgeting it's only a tap away to jump back on.

2. Clean, clean, clean

I had a Spring clean out in the middle of Winter. I went through my wardrobe and found that I have a stack of jeans and an endless supply of makeup. This technique definitely motivated me more. It's like I have all these things and I'm going to buy more? When there's people out there who have it worse? By doing this I realised I have much more than I thought I had. It was a wakeup call. So clean out your wardrobe and makeup station – you'll be surprised with what you find.

3. Write a shopping list

I have a bad habit of just buying makeup products just because. I wrote down a shopping list of the things I actually need and want. There's actually a huge difference and it'll save a lot of money. Obviously, buying the cleanser I ran out of is a need and a want it the latest Too Faced eyeshadow palette.  

I always thought I needed everything every time I walked into Mecca Maxima or Sephora. No, I don't need it – it's just a want.

Another point why it's useful is you'll actually cherish it more once you decide to get off the no-spending detox. I'm not too sure when I'll decide to get off my no-spending detox. But when I do I'll definitely treat myself to something I've had my eye on. I'm really interested to try out the new Mecca cosmetic range. Never forget to treat yourself at the end of it all – you'll not only cherish it more but it makes going on a budget so much more rewarding!

What are your tips and tricks on not spending? Leave your comments below!

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6 thoughts on “How I survived not spending for a month

  1. It’s so hard right!? It’s tough to break the habit is shopping just because! I finally realized how much time I was spending online shopping, even if I didn’t buy anything. It’s such a time waster, and then I’d feel like I never had enough time at the end of the day. Right now I’m focusing on what I can use up, instead of what I can buy new. Good luck with your budgeting!!

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  2. I’m going on a shopping spree with my best friend at the end of the month/beginning of next month and I can’t wait! But my plan is to not buy anything for myself throughout the whole of August so I can appreciate the trip. Really helpful post! šŸ™‚ X


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