Feeling al natural + missed you beauties!

Hello beautiful people,

If this picture doesn’t sum up my life for the past couple of months then I don’t know what does. You must be thinking how does a flat-lay shot with light tones and a few Nude by Nature products sum up her life? Well.. when a girl wears BB cream for months on end then you know something is up!

Personally I find it really hard blogging and working full time. I know I sound like a pansy but a lot of work goes into a blog post. From taking a million shots before you’re satisfied to actually writing the blog then social media. Anyway, I still managed to remain committed through social media. Does that count?


I was really loving the Nude by Nature 5 in 1 BB Miracle Cream (shade: medium) as it gave my face an al natural look.

It’s a very soft cream which almost feels like a mousse. Soft and lightweight when applied and it’s almost like there’s nothing on the face. That’s the best part!

It’s a BB cream that’s very light in coverage. If you’re looking for something more full in coverage I wouldn’t go for this cream. It’s more for giving the face a bit of colour.

Although, once I initially applied the cream it was almost translucent. I let it sit on my face for a few minutes and the colour set in. So don’t freak out if you think there’s no colour in it. The shade ‘medium’ is a little too dark for me and ‘light’ is too fair on my skin. The perfect colour match is a little hard to pin point!

The cream contains sunscreen so it’s suitable for everyday use. I didn’t wear any primer with the cream and it still lasted an entire day.


The compact and loose powders by Nude by Nature are also light coverage products but it’s super easy to build. It goes with any kinda of cream, foundation or even bare skin.

I’ve also used the BB cream in conjunction with the powder. A quick swirl and a pat all over the face will still give the al natural look.


  • This cream is typically for someone who wants a ‘no makeup look.’ 
  • Don’t expect high coverage
  • It’s sheer/light coverage

Thank you guys so much for reading this post! Stay tuned for more fun and exciting posts x

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 5.38.36 PM

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