Brighter smiles with HiSmile

Hello beautiful bloggers,

I recently stocked up on the HiSmile teeth whitening gels.

I know, you must be thinking who gives a crap. But the only reason why I stocked up on these gels are because I wanted instant whiter teeth. Also, they were having a sale. Ha!

My first purchase was the HiSmile Kit. It came with 1 x LED light including a mouth tray and 3 x gels.

They’re originally valued at $79.99 but I bought them during a 30% sale which came down to $56.00. Which is a total bargain!

HiSmile occasionally has random sales which works out to be a great deal.

Shipping isn’t that dear at all if you’re based in Australia. HiSmile was founded in Queensland and there also shipped out from Queensland as well.

I paid $4.00 for my reorder on the gels as they were only $25.

The first couple of times I used HiSmile I noticed an instant difference. Brighter, whiter and it gave me the confidence to smile.

I basically followed the instruction manual. It recommends to only use half a syringe which is applied in the mouth guard.

Pop it on and the led LIGHT will automatically turn off after 10 minutes.

My first unboxing experience was a total nightmare. I somehow managed to jam the batteries in the wrong way. So I spent about half an hour trying to even get the LED working.

Note to world: know the difference of a coin battery.

My restock on the gels has been a pleasure. I don’t tend to use the product everyday only if i’m headed out to a special occasion.

I do rinse my mouth after the duration as the gel lingers around.

There are usually six uses out of 3 gels but I really do wish they come out with a gel that doesn’t run out as fast. Although, that wouldn’t be such a great business plan..

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 5.38.36 PM

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