Hello beauty bloggers,

This year is all about kicking ass, aiming high and having fun at the same time. Who’s in?

When I reflect back on 2017 all I can say is I gave it my best shot. No mater what situation I was thrown in I attempted it whole heartedly. 2017 was a year of setbacks, experiencing and learning. I’ve heard ‘you’re not good enough’ or ‘you’re just not there yet’ several times and I’m sure it isn’t the end of it. But, I’ve learn’t to keep my head high and to shoot even higher. I’ve learn’t that it’s okay. It’s okay for one not to believe in you. All I know is that I gave it my best shot.

Travelling is also on my agenda. Whether if it’s a weekend away or an international trip. I’m down. I want to see and experience everything the world has to offer. Btw, next stop Hamilton Island!

But, at the same time my goal this year is to work 100 times harder and to never give up. Giving up is a quiet sensitive topic. It’s hard and I’ve experienced it first hand. Especially when so many doors knock you down and the only thing you can do is give up, right? But don’t, everyday is a new blessing to chase your dreams.

Focusing on my beauty goals for 2018 I hope to write more of what I love, create new and exciting content and connect with bloggers around the world.

Beauty Blogging goals for 2018:

  1. Posting: I’m hoping to post ONE blog post a week. Doesn’t sound like a lot but when you’re trying to juggle full time work, a social life, texting everyone back, drinking enough water and keeping sane.. Did that meme just pop into your head? It gets quiet hard. So ONE post a week is minimal. I’ll try to aim for TWO when my weeks are quieter.
  2. Youtube: Still trying to work this one out. I’m not too sure content wise. Do I create video content based on my weekly blog posts? Let me know how you guys worked this one out. Leave your comments below!
  3. Social media: I started my Instagram beauty account last year and I wish I started it way earlier. I have been inspired by so many beauty pages and flawless beauty pictures. Some accounts are just out of this world. I really wish I had photography skills as good as them. I hope to take lots and lots of #instaworthy pictures for my account.
  4. Vanity  desk: Well.. my ex-study desk is now my vanity desk. Everything is clustered. I need to buy shelves and of course, acrylic makeup storage units. They’re super expensive for what they are but hopefully it will be a worthy investment.
  5. Skincare/makeup: Firstly, I need to invest in a proper skincare routine. My routine right now is, blah. I don’t really do much. Secondly, I want to invest in more higher end makeup products. I’m going to spend less on drug store products and save towards something luxe. You know, those urban decay palettes and Chanel foundations. Yep, those products that will break my bank.

There they are, my beauty blogging goals for 2018. They’re simple and realistic which is perfect for someone as lazy as me.

I’m keen to know what everyone else’s goals are? Leave your comments below!

Lets keep in touch xo

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