Hello beauty bloggers,

I’m back with my weekly blog post. This week I will be talking about the CLARASONIC MIA 2. 

With a very poor skincare routine and minimal trips to the beautician – I bit the bullet and bought my first Clarasonic. It’s probably the best beauty decision I’ve made in a while.

I held off buying the Clarasonic for some time. But, after hearing so many good reviews I put the money factor aside and decided to #treatmyself. The product is quiet dear which is why it took me a while to make my purchase. It cost me $219 AUD. But, it’s definitely worth the investment.

To break things down, I have listed some of the questions I had in mind before purchasing my Clarasonic.

How does the Clarasonic Mia 2 work: 

It’s quiet simple. You press the power button and the brush head starts vibrating. It vibrates constantly for ONE minute. It’s recommended that you go over your face evenly before the time runs out. Don’t worry, time won’t run out, it will beep after 20 seconds so you will know how long you have left.

There are 2 speeds. Speed 1 which is activated by pressing the power button is for ‘sensitive days’ and speed 2 is for ‘everyday use.’ 

How do you charge the Clarasonic? 

It’s charged with a USB charger. I simply plug it into my laptop’s USB port.

How long does the battery life last?

To be quiet frank. I made the mistake of not charging my Clarasonic before using it. So after a few weeks of everyday usage, it died. It’s recommended that you charge it for 18+ hours before use. The battery life should last several months before a charge is needed. (If it has been charged properly).

A white flash would beam on and off while it’s charging and once it’s charged the light will remain on.

Will it irritate my skin if I use it everyday?

Yes, it definitely will. But, everyone has different skin types so you are your own best judge. I personally have sensitive skin with an oily t-zone.

The first time I used it, it was amazing, my face felt refreshed and refined after just one use. Although, I didn’t notice that my face was peeling until I applied my foundation the next day. You know that ugly peeling stage after a sunburn? Yep, it was exactly like that. I sucked it up and told everyone I was at the beach all weekend, ha!

Nonetheless, I moved on with my life and left my investment sitting in my bathroom for two days. At that stage, I thought it had totally ruined my life. But, it didn’t. The peeling was gone after a day or two. The idea of a ‘deep pore’ cleanse is supposed to remove dead skin etc. So, peeling is normal.

I only use my Clarasonic once a day. Two is a little too much for me. Although, it’s even better to use it every second day, to give your skin a little rest. I mean there’s no right or wrong, it’s simply how your skin reacts to it.

What cleanser do I use?

Anything without any beads or scrubs. Definitely go with a liquid cleanser. When you purchase the Clarasonic is actually comes with a mini cleanser (pictured below). It’s a great way to test out the cleanser. Might I add, it also lasts a very long time.


Overall, I love my purchase. The product is lightweight and convenient. I use it once a day, usually at night after I’ve removed my makeup and cleansed my face.

My favourite feature about it is that it’s waterproof. You can use it in the shower, anywhere in or near water and it’s perfectly okay.

Last note, remember to give it a good charge before using it. I’m currently charing mine as I write this blog post. Ooopss!

So, those were the questions I had in mind before I purchased my very own Clarasnoic. I hope they answer your questions too, I believe my questions were quiet common. If I haven’t answered your thoughts, leave your questions below and I’m more than happy to share my input.

In the mean time, happy cleansing!

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2 thoughts on “CLARASONIC MIA 2 REVIEW

  1. Great post!! I have the same Clarisonic and I had a similar experience with mine when I first started using it. I was so upset that my skin was peeling but was super relieved to learn that it’s pretty normal at first.

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