It has been a minute since I wrote a review on a product I’ve been loving of late.

If you’re wondering where I have been. I can’t even answer that myself. The last two months have been so hectic with work and MORE WORK.

But, I’m here today to share my review on some of the products from the Mecca Cosmetica skin care range that I have been loving.

The clean slate micellar water has the most refreshing and organic scent. It’s hard to actually describe it in words. Basically, it smells natural AF. I dab a few drops of the water onto a makeup remover pad then remove my makeup. It has made my skin feel fresh, clean and moisturised. I have not had any irritations – in fact it’s the most gentle micellar water I have used by far.

The only down side is that it’s running out way too fast. I purchased the product two weeks ago and I have already used up two thirds of the bottle. Am I using it way too fast? I mean, when I have used the Garnier micellar water in the past, it would last me a good few months.

If you have any suggestion on how to conserve this product, leave your comments below.


On to the sister product. The facial cleanser infused rose flower water and kakadu plum extract. The scent of this product is quiet similar to the micellar water, probably because they’re in the same range. Duh! The texture of the cleanser is a little thicker than an average cleanser. Reason being, is because it has a ‘gel-to-milk’ formula.

It’s definitely a cleanser that is super gentle on the face. It’s perfect for dry, irritable and sensitive skin. I have also been using it with my Clarasonic and it has worked just as fine.

Before purchasing the products I was sold on the packaging. Isn’t it the most simple yet glamorous packaging ever? So in love with it.

I hope you guys liked my review. For my international followers, the product link can be found here.  For my Australian babes, you know where to go!


Until next time,

Amna xoxo

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